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I am a romantic, affectionate, tender, cheerful, kind and trusting lady. I value trust, respect, care, love and affection. I am peace loving and can easily give in when arguing with someone. I can listen to and understand as well as keep an interesting conversation. I am intelligent, educated, home loving, vulnerable, faithful, mysterious and open for my friends. I like laughing and playing jokes, making pleasant surprises and arranging holidays for my friends and close people. I enjoy walking and having picnics out in nature.

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I love flowers, animals. I am fond of having an active rest, playing with children, traveling and dancing. I like tuneful music, books and kind movies. I enjoy making my house cozy, cooking different dishes, making household chores, knitting, embroidering, socializing my friends and singing songs with guitar. I adore children and my family. I would like to meet a kind, smart, affectionate, reliable, romantic, cheerful man for developing long lasting serious relations. I hope he would be a good and loving husband and a friend for me as well as a loving father for our children. We will be able to make a friendly family together. In a marriage I value such things as love, trust, mutual understanding, patience and fidelity.

I am constantly feeling myself in love with life, nature, the child and my house. I enjoy beauty, contacts, comprehending myself and the world. I am fascinating as a rainbow and different as its colors, affectionate as summer rain, tender as butterfly’s wings, romantic as sunset evening, sentimental as a candle, bright, passionate and active as energy concentration, realistic and purposeful as an arrow flight. I am curious and should an opportunity arise I would stay by a steering wheel or act in a theatre performance to learn life better, discover someone else’s interests, actions, and thoughts. My aim is clear – to meet love, plunge into a fine fragrance of lilac in bloom, catch a melody calling to dance and surrender myself to it with excitement. To feel a warm wave drifting over body from a single glance of a dear person, to melt from tenderness. Life is so fast and you need time to love a person to the end, to fly on wings of joy in the daytime thinking of the night, do everything – clean, put in order, cook meals. Each time coming home to think it’s better and more quiet at home, everything warms your heart – relatives and comfort. They say such women were burnt , but I live and fly in Dreams, and hope to find my Pyramides happiness as in P. Kouelo’s book “Alchemist”. You are the only, unique, dear, loving me man, clever, charming, you possess inner strength and cordiality .You trust me so that calmly uncover your world of wishes, interests, doubts and thoughts. I think you are kind, love kids and animals, interested in your job, in something else: fishing, football. You know gentle words, you’ve got tender hands of an artist creating your Galatea. You are as a liner captain, not afraid of storms and I am by your side in your crew. You love me as a medieval Province knight, Petrarka and I am your Juliet, Laura and Olga.

I’m kindhearted, funny, responsive, and temperamental. I like an active lifestyle: sport, traveling, entertainments, camping trips. But at the same time I appreciate solitude, house coziness, I adore children. I work as a fitness instructor; I have a master of USSR sports degree in badminton. I don’t like boring, greedy and lying (not sincere) people. I’d love to meet a kindhearted, affectionate, decent, independent, educated, manly, loving children, generous, good-humored, attentive person, it is desirable that he would be also sportive.
I am calm, open-minded, friendly and with great since of humor. I love pets (dogs) and I am a good cook. I am fond of sewing and knitting. I like travel. In people I value openness, honesty and friendliness. I am easy going and acclimate to everything new very quickly. My hobbies are classical music and singing (I sing in choir). I like to read philosophical books. I am seeking a kind, open, honest, decent and purposeful man. Who wants to be a beloved husband and friend. Who will have the similar interests and outlooks on life as me. Who is able to value in a woman not only her appearance, but and her human features. A man who can take care of his family and relationships. I prefer to meet a man who doesn’t have bad habits and believes in God.
I am very calm and balanced person. I am attracted with psychology and history. I like traveling very much, meeting new people, discovering new countries and cities, sighseeings, architecture. I lead active and healthy life style. I am attracted with all unusual like parachute jumping. In my spare time I like reading, listening to the music, visiting a theater. My sacred dream is mutual understanding and respect with my the only man. I wish he would value, love and take care of me. Responsibility and faithfulness are top qualities I value in a man. I want him to be good husband, hot lover and attentive father. With such a man I would like to create a “family fortress.” I want him to be educated, clever and have sense of humor. My man can treat me and my family well.