Beautiful russian women photo from Nizhny Novgorod

I am well-wishing woman, interesting in conversation, I have a wide mental outlook.

People say that I am a charming person. I like to cook, swim. My favorite animal is cats, I like them very much. In my future life I would like to open my own layer company, because I like helping people. My favorite dream is to help people. And I have those people who do bad things to other people, like terrorist, they are wrong, but they are never thinks about it. I know English and I am a nonsmoker, and I dont drink. I like reading, swimming, dancing, art, music and medicine. In my free time Id like to go to the mountains. Every week me and my friends gathering together and make some exhibitions like going to the cinema, or other places of interest. I want to find a person wholl will understand me from the half word. He certainly must be strong, courageous, self-conceited, with a high IQ factor. All other things ate not very important for me.