Dating Russian lady from Belgorod

I want to tell a little about myself. Firstly, despite the fact that I think myself to be a happy person, happiness can not be complete without family.

Secondly, I want to love and be loved, one should be capable not only of taking but also of giving. And thirdly, I want to feel like a real woman – I want to have children who will be our continuation. I am calm, friendly, cheerful and hardworking by nature. And if you read Cancer’s horoscope, you will understand everything. I am fond of reading, cooking, music, dancing. Though I can feel content with very little, I would like to meet a man, preferably European, decent, reliable, sincere, but also tactful, cheerful and capable of earning money (however not a workaholic).

Knowing what he wants in this life he should still remain a romantic. To conclude I will tell that I want to meet not only a handsome lover, but a real Man, a reliable life partner, who knows what faithfulness is because it is the most important thing in a relationship. If you will warm me up when it is cold, I will give you the last drop of water when it is hot. Men who think women to be their property, irresponsible and egoists, please, do not bother me. You should preferably be single.